Studio 10 Junior Associates

Intensive monthly training with the Studio 10 faculty for 9-18 year olds

Studio 10 have introduced a Junior Associate scheme to provide intensive training days for dance students aged 9-18.

Training days accompany their regular classes and are on three Sundays per term, in preparation for eventually attending a full time performing arts course.

The training days involve classes with specialist teachers in a variety of subjects with a focus on strength, stamina and technical execution and increased performing opportunities under the Studio10 umbrella.

Subjects will include:

  • Ballet

  • Pointe Work and Preparation

  • Stretching and Body Conditioning

  • Contemporary

  • Drama

  • Musical Theatre

  • Tap

  • Jazz in various styles

Benefits include:

  • Links to the college and its full time training courses.

  • Studio 10 Junior Associate students aged 16 or over will be offered a free audition for a full time college place.

  • Discounted tickets to the Studio10 annual show.

  • Invitations to our regular Musical Theatre performances by 2nd/3rd Year Musical Theatre students.

  • Invitations to organized theatre trips arranged by the college.

  • Opportunities to perform with the Studio 10 dancers.

Application Guidelines

Acceptance on to the Studio 10 Junior Associate scheme will be by audition only. Prospective students will complete an audition in Ballet and Jazz taken by members of the college faculty.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants aged 9-14 must be Grade 2 Ballet or above

  • Applicants aged 15-18 must be Grade 4 Ballet or above

  • Written consent must be obtained by the applicant’s dance/drama teacher(s). As the Studio 10 Junior Associate scheme is designed to run in addition to a student’s own regular classes permission must be obtained for participation.

Audition Dates: TBC